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Water Cannon Jet Ski 

Design Objective :
There are many villages constructed above the water around the world, such as Tai O in Hong Kong and Venice in Italy. But when there is a fire, normal fire boat couldn't get in to the area, because the watercourse is too narrow, and tortuous. Therefore we need a fire extinguish machine which is smaller, faster and flexible, in order to reduce the loss of valuables and life.

Design Aims :
The Water Cannon Jet Ski aims to provide faster and flexible on water fire extinguish service for people who are in need, to save every minute and lifes. The Water Cannon Jet Ski can enter the areas that normal fire boat couldn't get in, such as narrow and tortuous watercourse.

Target User :
The Water Cannon Jet Ski was mainly designed for Marine Police and stored in the garage of the Marine Police Station. When the Marine Police receive fire signals, they can easy to launch the Water Cannon Jet Ski by only one person, much more flexible than the normal fire boat, saving time and the life.


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