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2016年, 香港摺紙藝術家陳柏熹先生與金莎攜手合作, 特別為金莎設計出獨一無二的摺紙玫瑰園。21朵製作精巧的巨型摺紙玫瑰花, 每朵均秉承傳統日本摺紙藝術「一紙不切」的理念, 由一米乘一米的紙,在不經任何切割的情況下摺出,總籌備超過200小時,充份展現出金莎朱古力真正的魅力精髓,以及品牌獨有的意大利甜點美學及藝術。
4-21 Feb 2016 @ 海港城 • 美術館

Ferrero Rocher Origami Roses Exhibition

Witness Valentine’s Day collaboration between Ferrero Rocher and Mr. Kade Chan, a professional origami artist from Hong Kong. The installation will feature a stunning origami rose garden that celebrates the beauty and craftsmanship of Ferrero Rocher. The installation will boast 21 gigantic, yet intricate, original origami roses, all elegantly arranged, following the rules of traditional Japanese origami art - one piece uncut. Each of them was folded with 1M x 1M paper without any cutting and over 200 hours on production in total. The exhibition will reflect the true essence of Ferrero Rocher in all its glory and bring the Italian art of pasticceria to life. 
4-21 Feb 2016 @ Gallery by the Harbour • Harbour City

* The K.S. Rose was inspired by Kawasaki Rose.

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